big boobs

We Love Big Boobs and All Their Glory [VIDEO]
I would like to high five the online pervert that put this video of big boobs together. Honestly we love all boobs in all sizes, well, maybe not pancake boobs but all other boobs are wonderful. It's Tuesday, so let's celebrate boobs for no reason at all.
Epic Boob Stare Caught on Camera [VIDEO]
In this video, a youngster stares down a TV reporter’s amply-filled halter top like he’s just discovering the wonders of the female form for the first time. His sheepish — but not necessarily apologetic — look when caught is pretty priceless.
Blonde Takes Self Photo And Fails
People taking pictures of themselves is lame to start with.  It's even lamer if you can't do it right.  It's the lamest if you get busted on the jumbo-tron messing up.  Also, really nice boobs.