Biker Gang Vows to Protect Children Against Abuse [VIDEO]
It has been the trend throughout the years to think that bikers are heartless, drifters, or wanderers who don't really care about much of anything. I happen to know differently. And this group of Bikers are just part of the proof that they are top-notch people...
Two Seats Open In A Theater Full Of Bikers
What a great way to make a beer commercial.  Most people do freak out when they see a group of bikers, which is sad because bikers are probably the nicest and most charitable people out there, in my opinion.  This is still a great video though -- I love the reactions of couples walking in.  They are…
Weird Bamboo Commercial [VIDEO]
So who would have guessed bamboo needed a commercial.  But it has one and it's sort of racist and really weird.  If you have a neighbor hood filled with barking dogs, fighting teenagers, biker babes, and African tribes people then maybe you need a bamboo fence.