Yeah Baby! Elizabeth Hurley Is Super Hot In Bikini [VIDEO]
Life just isn't fair! How can Elizabeth Hurley look this good at 50-years-old? Christ on a cracker! Wait, I bet she doesn't even eat crackers. Ugh. Genes I am sure have a lot to do with it, but she does watch what she eats. It is paying off because a lot of people are certainly watching he…
Drunk Chick In Bikini Attacks Comedian On Stage [VIDEO]
Most of the videos I post about comedians and hecklers end with the comedian shaming the heckler. This one wasn't quite the same. Even though he tried to stay in character, there was no shaming this chick into silence. This girl just needed attention in the worst way and that poor comedian coul…
Chick Jumps Off Roof, Completely Misses Pool
It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that this is not going to work.  First of all, that is a huge gap and you really have to commit to that jump.  Second, a tandem girly jump never works out.  Gotta love dumb bikini girls!

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