Awesome Ship Collision
Car crashes are a dime a dozen.  You even see a lot of videos featuring plane and helicopter crashes on the world wide web.  But ship crashes are underrated and underrepresented, until you see this video.
Asian Carp Gladiators
Basically, Asian carp suck. They infest lakes and rivers, reproducing and destroying natural ecosystems. They're a pretty serious problem, and now serious action is being taken. Check out these knuckleheads, dressed in gladiator garb, wielding lances and swords, all to fight some fish.
Watch a Bunch of Boating Fails Caught On Tape
This video is the reason we need to permanently install a video camera to Maggie's boat.  I know her boyfriend Tony is a good Captain but lets be honest, it's Maggie's boat.  That camera will capture great footage, whether it be an accident or if we are lucky...the Corset Cr…