Boob Shaped Weights Coming To America
If you crave some excitement when it comes to working out, then here is your answer! Say hello to boob shaped weights! Whatever your fitness level or taste for that matter, you are in luck - these boobie weights come in small, medium and large!
Sideboob Vs. Underboob…You Decide [VIDEO]
One if the biggest mysteries of the universe is whether sideboob is hotter than underboob. This is a question we ask ourselves everyday and even today, I have no answer. If you think you have the answer, please let us know.
Japanese Game Show Tortures Contestants to See Boobs
You have to admit, Japan has come of the best game shows on the planet. This is a game show where contestants take on as much pain as they possibly can just to see some boobs. Obviously by watching this video, they are willing to take some serious pain.

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