Boobs – They Get Bigger and Can Get You Anything
This is a very important public service announcement geared towards middle school girls that are concerned about their boob size. The focus...your boobs will get bigger. This very true PSA goes on to point out the fact that no matter what size your boobs are you can have anything you want. Mmmmmm bo…
Can You Guess The Celebrity Cleavage?
This 25-year-old South African model has appeared on the covers of South African Sports Illustrated, FHM South Africa, GQ South Africa, the US GQ (with Lonely Island) and Stuff. Yeah, she’s real big in South Africa.
Woman Breaks Watermelon With Her Boobs
What the hell did I just watch? This is what you ask yourself after you watch this. I had to watch this a few times to see if she was actually using her boobs to break a watermelon. I thought maybe she had something in her shirt that was be used to smash but it looks like her boobs did the damage. W…
Hot Chick Hula Hooping Will Make You Want To Be A Hula Hoop
Holy crap this is awesome.  This video has everything you need to start your morning off right.  There is a hot chick in booty shorts.  She has a glorious set of boobs and a great ass.  I've never wanted to be a hula-hoop more in my life than right now.  I really think this needs to be a Hooters tra…
Chelsea Charms – World’s Biggest Boobs
This is the only time you will ever hear me say, "this chick's boobs are just too big!" Chelsea Charms claims to have the world's biggest boobs and I believe her, she has size 164XXX boobs. In this video she sits down with a TV morning show to discuss what it is like to h…
Woman Blames Her Big Boobs For Failed Sobriety Test
A Florida woman was recently pulled over for speeding and swerving while operating a motor vehicle. Before officers could give her a sobriety test, she warned them that her big boobs made it tough for her to maintain her balance. So this apparently is a "because boobs" excuse.
Slow Motion Cheerleader Boobs
The production value of pro football is insane. Networks use the most sophisticated video technology available, to catch on field action and cheerleader's boobs.   It's hard to believe, but boobs are even better when they are in slow motion.
Bra Size Choir Sings Deck The Halls
Christmas songs suck.  I don't care what anybody says about "The Holiday Spirit" or "Tis the season", Christmas carols are awful.  That is of course, unless they are sang by a choir made up of chicks in their underwear, arranged by bra size.

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