Adventures in Boobyland Lands In Michigan [VIDEO] [NSFW]
It’s Monday…and if your weekend was anything like ours, you’re either still hungover from dipping your wick in a deep sea of debauchery or full of regret because all you did was lay around watching Netflix in your sweatpants. It is this level of early morning reflection that has t…
Guy Chugs an Entire Bottle of Jack [VIDEO]
I feel hungover just watching this guy pound an entire bottle of Jack Daniels. He takes the wrapper off to prove it's the real deal and then just takes it all in. It's pretty damn impressive to see someone do this, not very smart but impressive.
Man Dials 911 For More Booze
I think Chris Monroe was a little intoxicated the other night, but didn't want to stop drinking. Well, he decided to be responsible and call for a ride. We have video proof.