Hydraulic Press Crushes Bowling Pin And Ball [VIDEO]
There have been a ton of these videos going around the internet lately. This guy crushes everything from hockey pucks to cell phones. When I saw this thought, I immediately thought about the bad bowlers league. This one is for you if you've ever been extremely frustrated at the alley.
Man Sets Bowling Backward Record [VIDEO]
Banana Bad Bowlers, every man, woman and child- prepare to be amazed! If you are like me, you barely hit any pins standing forward when bowling, I cannot even fathom bowling backward. That friends, is not the case for Andrew Cowen. This man amazes us all with his backward bowling skills!
Pro-Bowler Gets Robbed of Perfect Game [VIDEO]
With the fourth season of the Banana Bad Bowlers league starting up on September 4th, I thought it appropriate to show you this clip of a charity bowling tournament last weekend in Houston. Pro-Bowler Troy Walker was on his way to a perfect score of 300...

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