The Week In Sports Recap 6/11/12
Busy week in the sports world, as the NBA Finals are set, the Tigers are finally getting it together and two sports people haven't cared about since the 1950's, boxing and horse racing, had big events this weekend.  Check out my thoughts.
The Week In Sports Recap 5/7/12
Have you ever spent the entire weekend, on your couch, drinking, smoking, and watching sports?  Welcome to my life.  Check out my thoughts on aftermath of Junior Seau's suicide, the ridiculousness that is Floyd Mayweather, and why Jimmy Smokes Leyland is stressing me out.
Stop Hitting Yourself [Video]
Boxing kind of sucks.  It's 2010, let those fighters kick and choke each other.  Still this boxing clip is awesome.   It's probably the most entertaining blow landed in boxing in years.  Check out the video inside.