Brady Hoke

Brady Hoke Speaks About Michigan Vs Michigan State Rivalry
The rivalry between Michigan and Michigan State football is more intense than ever, especially when you consider the recent success of Sparty and the fact that the all-time record belongs to the Wolverines.  Brady Hoke is well aware of both facts and he recently spoke out about the rivalry.
Michigan Football 2011 Pump Up
With everything that happened with the NFL this offseason, I'm personally ready for some college ball.  The Wolverines are looking to reestablish themselves as a power in the Big 10 and are hoping new head Coach Brady Hoke will be the man to return the pride to Ann Arbor. Watch this video …
Who Is Brady Hoke?
I'm not going to lie, I'm not really familiar with the new U of M head football coach, Brady Hoke.  But his press conference was great.  Check out the new coach inside.