Rent A Room To Destroy
If you've ever trashed your place in a fit of rage, you know that it feels good, until you realize that all your stuff is broke and now you have to clean all that crap up. Unless you rent The Anger Room, where you pay to destroy.
Hot Chicks & Ice Cream [PHOTOS]
Our friends over at have the right idea, take two awesome things and put them together. I'm talking about hot chicks and ice cream...need I say more?
21 Excercise Fails [Photos]
Another fine job from! This photo gallery features some God awful exercise fails. I should have included a picture of me working out at the gym, a definite FAIL!
Kitchen Hotties [PHOTOS]
Thank you for putting together such a fine gallery of photos featuring "Hotties in The Kitchen". This makes me want to go home and bake a pie...yeah, bake a pie.