Breaking Bad

10 ‘Better Call Saul’ Facts to Break Bad By
AMC’s Better Call Saul carries on quite a few traditions from its Breaking Bad predecessor, but did you know Saul’s prequel journey was originally envisioned as a half-hour comedy? Or that some of Walter White’s famous threads put in a cameo six years before their origin? These …
Walter White Helps Teen Get A Prom Date [VIDEO]
When I was in school people actually asked each other to prom. But that was 100 years ago. Kids today ask celebrities to be their dates, or in this case find a celebrity, ask that celebrity to ask that special someone to go to prom with you. Confused?
Jesse Pinkman Helps Explain Obama Care On SNL [VIDEO]
Are you still not clear about Obama Care? What does it mean? What does it mean for you specifically? Maybe this video can help. Watch as Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) from 'Breaking Bad' helps to explain during a press conference with President Obama on Saturday Night Live.