Anyone Up For A Breast Milk Flavored Lollipop? [VIDEO]
Candy combinations are beyond my imagination. Chocolate covered bacon? Yep, it's available. Flavor Saver Gummy Mustache? Yes, it is on the market. I even came across a candy called 'Spermies', it's the candy you love to swallow. So get ready to suck on this,  introducing the…
Interesting Facts About Boobs – Fantone’s Friday Top 5
Before we get into this list, let's just get one thing straight.  Boobs are awesome.  That is the number one, undisputed, truest fact about breasts.  They are awesome.  Now that we have that established, check out my top five facts about boobies.
Telling The Difference Between Fake And Real Breasts
I was talking about fake boobs earlier tonight on air and got to thinking about how many chicks have fake boobs and nobody even knows it.  Get some pointers on picking out fake ones from this very hot chick and British voice dude.