Brother Gets Smacked With iPad
Let's face the facts, messing with your brother is always fun.  Even though my bro was older, bigger, and way better at fighting then me, I still loved messing with him.  That is until I got smacked upside the face.
Kid Smacks Brother With Ipad
At first it seemed like this was going to be fake until the brother unleashes an Ipad app across the face.
The brother that was doing all the pestering must have set up the camera to see what kind of reaction he would get after bugging the piss out of his brother. Well, I don't think this reacti…
Little Kid Gets Soccer Ball Blasted In The Face
My older brother was a dick when it came to playing sports with me.  Just because he was bigger and older, he would totally dominate and get pissed anytime I blocked a shot or scored.  Check out this little bro get blasted for playing defense.
Mothers Day Photo [VIDEO]
Taking family photos suck.  Your personal space becomes nonexistent, somebody always thinks it's funny to fart, and who likes fake smiling?  Check out these idiot brothers try to get it done without killing each other.