Bully On Train Gets Put In His Place And Takes A Nap [VIDEO]
I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that this bully was under the influence of something. As he is getting in the face of a couple guys on the train, another passenger had just about enough. Just before a fight was about to break out, the biggest dude on the train slapped a choke hold on…
Bully Beats Up Blind Kid, Bystander Rocks Bully [VIDEO]
No matter what we do, we are always going to have bullies. Let's just hope we have just as many good guys like this. This ahole bully is beating up on a blind kid when a good guy classmate jumps in to save the day. I don't think the bully will be trying that again anytime soon.
Dad Makes Bully Son Fight Pro Boxer As Lesson [VIDEO]
Too harsh or not enough? This dad found out that his son was bullying other kids in school. So, as a punishment, the dad decided to send his bully son into the ring with a professional boxer. There's no doubt that bullying is a problem, but what is the best way to fight it?
Another School Bully Gets What He Deserves [VIDEO]
This is why you never count out someone smaller than you. The bully in the red shirt picked on the wrong kid this day. The little guy in the white shorts rocked him with a vicious right, tackled him to the ground, and gave him one more for good measure.
Small Guy Knocks Out Two Bigger Guys In The Street
Never pick on the little guy, especially after he knocks out your friend.  The little guy definitely has a pair and got in some knock out punches.  Even though he was swinging pretty wildly, I'd have to say that the other guys probably learned a lesson.  Even the double foot stom…
Another Bully Put In His Place
This is just getting out of hand.  Now kids are getting bullied and attacked during class.  The kid in the green as being bullied, saw his opening to defend himself, and took it.  Not only did he land the punch, he handled it the way it should have been handled.  Stopped the thre…

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