Brave Michigan Boy Fights Rare Form Of Cancer [VIDEO]
It's amazing and inspiring how brave a child can be. Just look at Buddy, his parents found out a few weeks ago that he has DIPG which is rare and is an inoperable brain tumor. Even though he doesn't fully understand everything, he ready to fight the fight.
Woman Kicked Off Plane For Having Cancer [VIDEO]
Airlines are getting a bit too touchy. This woman with multiple myeloma was kicked off a plane in Hawaii for not having a note from her doctor to be able to fly. She makes a good point in the video, how did she get to Hawaii in the first place. Do you have any airline horror stories?
Cancer Patient’s Wish to Meet Korn Comes True [VIDEO]
Nicole Rose, a 19 year old diagnosed with stage IV incurable ovarian cancer, got to fly to Florida to meet Korn thanks to fans donating money to an online fundraiser. I love this story because it really shows a side of Korn that we don't normally get to see.

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