car crash

Singing Kid Hydroplanes And Rolls His Car [VIDEO]
New drivers absolutely terrify me. This is one of the reasons why. He is recording himself singing and not paying attention to the road conditions. Being from Michigan, you learn to drive in slick conditions pretty quickly, but it's the rookies that always end up like this. On a thankful side, …
Two Kalamazoo Police Officers Hit By Drunk Driver [VIDEO]
Last weekend while the roads were pretty icy from a storm, police officers responded to an accident in Kalamazoo. It was right around 3 a.m. and a couple more accidents happen after they arrived. Due to the icy conditions and a drunk driver, two officers were struck on the side of the road.
Car Crashes Off Cliff, Driver Has Hilarious Response [VIDEO]
No matter what happens, most car crashes are terrifying and scare the hell out of you. This guy was cruising down the road pretty fast through a tunnel. Right after the tunnel there was a hard left turn where he lost control and when off the cliff. Listen to how he reacts in the dash cam video.
Tow Truck Driver Flip Car on It’s Side Into a Ditch [VIDEO]
I can only imagine it's bad enough being a tow truck at certain times. But to be a tow truck driver and have to tip a car back onto its wheels after it flipped in a crash. Then, pull it out of a ditch because it went coasting down a hill and flipped again. I think that's about the time I r…

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