This Is How Not To Pull A Car Out Of A Sink Hole [VIDEO]
Whether you end up in the ditch or a sink hole, it's always a pain to get your car out of the problem area. This guy ended up in a sink hole which is something no one can plan for. When the tow truck tried to pull the car out, it ended up causing a bigger problem.
Big Man Picks Up Car And Moves It To Get Out Of Spot [VIDEO]
This dude is a beast. Even though it is a pretty small car that he moves, it's still a car. Once he realized it would be easier to move it than try and wiggle it out, he just turns into the hulk. The two guys standing there were left speechless. What would you say if you saw that?
Safari Surprise! Lion Opens Car Door [VIDEO]
Going on a safari does not appeal to me at all. This is why. Watch as a family gets the scare of their lives when a lion opens up the car door at a safari park in Africa! Holy hell I would freak the eff out! Hakuna Matata!

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