Car With Hydraulics Jumps Rope
I'm not a real big car guy.  But if you're not impressed with a car that can jump rope, the problem isn't the car, the problem is you.   Check out what the great minds of Mexico pulled off.
World’s Greatest Drag Race
I'm not in particularly not a huge car guy, but this is a ridiculously bad ass race.  Featuring a Ferarri, Audi, Benz and a 2012 Nissian GT-R, there was well over a million dollars worth of car in this race.
Cars In Poor Countries
A lot people want to bitch about America now a day, but at least we aren't some beat ass country with cars powered by animals.  Check out the 3rd world hilarity.
Pit Of Death [VIDEO]
So I'm sure you've seen the globe of death at one of Michigan's many county fairs, with 3 motorcycles racing around a giant globe, barely missing each other.  Over in India, they don't use a dome, they use a pit.  And they use cars.  And it's effin insane.&nbs…