Behind The Scenes Look at Voice Actors
There is something so cool about seeing the actors behind your favorite cartoon characters. This video features the voices behind Bender, Rocky the Flying Squirrel, Bubbles, video game voices, and a magnitude of others. It's from a new documentary, 'I Know That Voice' which features …
Sexual Innuendo In Popular Cartoons
Sometimes you go back and watch something from your youth, and you get a completely different perspective on it.  Check out some of these classic cartoons and their dirty, dirty sex jokes.
Fox To Air Adult Cartoons On Saturday Nights
Sunday is easily the best day of the week for TV, and with all the success Fox has had on Sundays with their "Animation Domination", they've decided introduce cartoons on Saturday nights.  Check out the rumored details.
Napoleon Dynamite The Animated Series Trailer
Things are about to get even stupider in America.  Napoleon Dynamite is back and he's a cartoon, along with Uncle Rico, Pedro and the whole original cast.  Check out the trailer for Napoleon Dynamite: The Animated Series.
80’s Nostalgia Time
Yo I don't know why, but I'm feeling really nostalgic today, so I started clicking around youtube and found this video with some of the best 80's cartoon theme songs.  Check it out inside.