Cat Freaked Out By Cucumber [VIDEO]
I have been told white men can't jump - but this ninja like cat can! Who knew a cucumber could be such a dick and sneak up on you? Or in this case - a cat! If you are really into cucumbers, you may be interested in watching a girl shove one down her throat. Yep, click here to watch veg head.
Puss In No Boots Clears Snow Like A Pro [VIDEO]
Flint city officials have asked residents to help one another out by clearing snow from sidewalks. Maybe all this city needs is some pussy? As in a cat that clears snow. What did you think I meant? Check out Rudiger the cat take on this snow drift! This puss has some power!
Fat Cat Holds Oregon Family Hostage, Hear 911 Call [VIDEO]
An Oregon family called 911 after their 22-pound cat scratched their 7-month-old baby and appeared ready to attack them next. Terrified, the family locked themselves in a bedroom and claim they were held hostage by the feline. Apparently this pussy cat is not so sweet, actually it sounds pretty darn…
Woman Sets Cat on Fire, Posts Video on Facebook [VIDEO]
A 27-year-old California woman is facing charges for allegedly lighting her cat's tail on fire and posting the video on Facebook. What kind of sick and twisted person does something like this? It's a good thing she posted the video on Facebook because that act is how she got caught. Some p…

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