Clumsy Cats That Can’t Jump [VIDEO]
I'm not really a cat person, and by no means am I the type to watch a ton of cat videos.  However, I AM the type of person that likes watching people (and in this case animals) fall down, so I made an exception in this case.  This video cracks me up every time I watch it.  Check …
Cat Eludes Dog With Amazing Ninja Move
As part of an ancient rivalry firmly lodged in the deepest recesses of their animal brains, a frenzied dog chases a terrified cat around a backyard. But this resourceful kitty has a trick up his furry sleeve -- a secret ninja move.
15 Cats That Hate Halloween
Few things are better than dressing up our pets. How can you resist a Michael Jackson puppy or an Avengers pug? Costumed pets are probably the best part of Halloween. But just because we love it doesn't mean they do. Especially cats. Who knew these little guys were such Halloween-haters? C…

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