15 Cats That Hate Halloween
Few things are better than dressing up our pets. How can you resist a Michael Jackson puppy or an Avengers pug? Costumed pets are probably the best part of Halloween. But just because we love it doesn't mean they do. Especially cats. Who knew these little guys were such Halloween-haters? C…
Cat Watching Slayer [VIDEO]
Cats are a lot of things.  Mine is weird, possibly evil and pretty damn hilarious, but most aren't metal.  This cat is an exception to that rule and you can tell by his love for Slayer.
Patient Cat Tolerates Cute Baby Gibbon
We commend this cat, whose patience is dangling by a thread. If cats can grind their teeth, then Chuck (named after her propensity for barfing) must be doing it for this whole video, as extremely playful (and handsy) baby gibbon APEril climbs all over her...
Cat with Surfing Skills [VIDEO]
I'm just going to come out and say it, this is definitely a stupid pet trick video.  But along with being stupid it's pretty damn awesome too.  Check out this kitty hang claws and shred some serious wavage on his surf board, all while he rides it to safety.
Cats On Drugs
Everybody chill out. The cats aren't on real drugs, just anesthetics . Okay, I guess anesthetics technically are a real drug, but it's not like "real" drugs.  Check out this hilarious video of these kittens who are obviously still feeling it.
World’s Fattest Cat Dies
I wouldn't think anyone would want a giant pu**y? Apparently this fat cat was shown a lot of love with food!  The world's fattest cat has died.  Meow,  lost his weight loss battle and his life at  The Santa Fe Animal Shelter & Humane Society.
Death Metal Cat Drummer
After porn, cats run the internet. Now it looks like felines are on their way to ruling music, as this cat goes all death metal on this cover.
Man Arrested For Skinning, Cooking & Eating Cats
This story is so gross even I won't make a pussy joke. A 35 year old California man is behind bars after being arrested for skinning cats alive, cooking and finally eating them.
Deputy District Attorney Michael Yraceburn refused to comment on the case, but did confirm to The Sun, that Jason Loui…
Cat Burglar Is A Real Pussy
If you think your cat can't protect you, think again.
A family in New Hampshire has their cat to thank after the animal scared away an armed robber. A woman was home alone with her infant when the man forced his way into the home.
Two ‘Pussies’ Stare Each Other Down in Bolder Colorado
I recently went on vacation in Colorado and I have been there a few times -- I have always wanted to see some of the wildlife out there, but never had any luck.
Last week in Boulder, Colorado, Zeus -- an 11-year-old Maine Coon -- had the chance to stare down one of his bigger relatives, a young mount…
Cats In Space
I don't understand why the internet is so obsessed with cats.  I'm not a pet person at all so maybe I just don't get it, but I get really annoyed with all the cat videos and gifs and pictures and other crap.   But this video is an exception.  Watch what happens whe…

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