Caught on tape

Man Watches Live Police Chase On TV And From His Living Room
This is something you would see in the movies.  A man was just watching the news and filming the police chase on his phone, then all of a sudden, the chase zips right by him.  Only in L.A. will you see this happen.  You never see a chase in Flint.  Must be part of the protocol in…
Luckiest Semi-Truck Drivers Ever [VIDEO]
We all have watched accidents caught on tape, however this one is a must see. It is amazing that these two Russian truck drivers were not hurt. Watch one driver go through the windshield and land right on his feet!
Couple Caught Having Sex While Driving On The Highway
This would be a much better video if she was the least bit attractive but I like her attitude.  This is actually kind of fun........uh, from what I hear.  It's very dangerous and we don't recommend this at all.  It's kind of a thrill to cruise down I-475 at night in an …
Miley Cyrus Hits A Bong
Finally! Miley Cyrus has done something that doesn't make me want to punch her in the baby maker! Caught smoking pot OR salvia in a water bong!