Chevelle Hit West Coast for Fall 2012 Tour
Chevelle just keep on chugging along with their latest album, ‘Hats Off to the Bull.’ The Windy City rockers are currently one of the top draws on the Carnival of Madness tour, and have just announced their first post-Madness dates for the fall.
Chevelle ‘Hats Off To The Bull’ Video
You have to admit, Chevelle is back and stronger than ever! I thought "Face To The Floor" was an awesome song, this one has it beat. Check out the new single and video for Chevelle's "Hats Off To The Bull."
Chevelle Vs. The Veer Union – Cockfight
Chevelle is back with their explosive new single 'Hats Off to the Bull,' does it have enough force to knock out current Cockfight champs The Veer Union? That's your call -- listen to the tracks and vote for which one you like best now....
Text To Win Weekend With Korn And Chevelle
Pull out your trusty mobile cellular telephone and start texting.  All this weekend you have  a chance to win either Korn's new "The Path of Totality" CD or Chevelle's "Hats off to the Bull" CD before they go on sale this Tuesday!
Just text &…

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