Classy Mall Cat Fight
This is a what happens when shopping goes bad. I'm thinking get these girls a kiddie pool and some oil and let's make it a real party. I'm mean just look at this pile of white trash and when I say pile, I literally mean a white trash pile. I love how the dudes are just standing around…
Chicks In Bikinis Fight Leaving The Beach
Since Maggie posted the video of three chicks beating up one dude, I decided to up the ante.   Chicks fighting in bikinis.  Summer is now gone and it's on to the cold weather so let's take one more good look at some angry bikini clad women.  I think we need more beaches arou…
Drunk Chicks [VIDEO]
I've recently decided that I hate drunk chicks.  They are more headache than they are worth, and the video inside is evidence to my argument.