Child Abuse

Father Caught on Camera Whipping Stepson is Arrested [VIDEO]
California father, Anthony Sanchez, was caught on tape whipping his stepson by a neighbor. Perez Hilton is reporting that the father was whipping the boy because he was dropping a baseball. The neighbor recording the encounter, then has words with the boys father. I warn you, this video is NSFW.
NFL Star Heath Evans Talks About Childhood Sexual Abuse
The country is still in shock over the recently exposed sexual abuse scandal at Penn State.  Childhood sexual abuse isn't an easy subject to talk about, but awareness needs to be raised.  Former NFL player Heath Evans runs a foundation that tackles the very tough issue.
Drunk Michigan Father Has 9-Year Old Drive Him to the Store
Get a load of this piece of crap father.
A Detroit area man got all loaded and wanted to go to the store, instead of calling an adult with a driver's license he has his 9-year old daughter get behind the wheel. There is actually surveillance video of this guy talking and bragging to the clerk at…