Drunk Chinese Guy Gets Caught Up In, Falls From Power Lines [VIDEO]
Plenty of people gathered to watch, and apparently video tape, as a drunken Chinese man somehow ended up hanging from a set of power lines in Northern China. And despite being completely housed this guy seems to have a bit of a clue that he's in a situation that may be a little more than proble…
China Selling Canned Air
Not sure if this will catch on or not…I mean....air…in a can…that’s like selling bottled wat…..ter. Ummm. Never mind. Either way. somebody should get Mel Brooks on the phone.
Shark Tank Bursts At Shopping Mall [VIDEO]
This wasn't supposed to happen! Check out this footage of a 33 ton shark tank bursting inside of a Chinese shopping mall. The sharks are okay, but fifteen people were hurt. As of now, it is not known what caused the tank to explode.
The Sperm Extractor [VIDEO]
Wow, if you have wanted to donate sperm, but your hands are just too damn tired - here is your solution. Check out this machine in China, that actually does the job for you, hands free!

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