Michigan Smokers Spend Over $1.4 Million In Their Lifetime
The average smoker in Michigan will spend over $1.4 million in his or her lifetime, according to a recent financial analysis. Although the results of the latest survey from WalletHub sound nearly impossible, considering the average American with a high school diploma will earn only $1...
New FDA Cigarette Warnings
It looks like there are even worse FDA cigarette warnings coming our way. I'm not a smoker and very proud of that, it's a filthy and extremely unhealthy habit. I think with these new warnings we will see a major decrease in smokers...maybe.
Fight Over Cigarettes Ends in Stabbing Death
How does that saying go?  Where there is smoke there is stabbing?
A fight over cigarettes at an assisted living facility ended with one person being stabbed to death.
Damn!  Was Chris Monroe involved?  I did not think anyone loved cigarettes more than he does.
Barak Smoke-bama
It doesn't matter if you call them Squares, Coffin Nails, Cancer Sticks, Smokes, Stogs, or Cigarettes, they aren't easy to kick.  Just ask the President.