Cinnamon Challenge

Dad Goes Off On Son For Trying The Cinnamon Challenge
This is the exact reason I love English,British, Scottish, and Irish families, the accents.  I've heard enough American parents yelling at their kids to be bored with it.  This guy is pissed but it sounds so funny that no one cares.  I could listen to those accents yelling at eac…
The Cinnamon Challenge – Everybody Thinks They Can do it
This is a challenge that everyone thinks they can do but in reality, you can't. The challenge: Try swallowing a tablespoon of cinnamon without the aid of water, try to do this in sixty seconds. Nobody can do it, so don't even bother. These folks were not smart enough and they all tried it.
Drunk Chick Cinnamon Challenge Switch
The cinnamon challenge is basically swallowing a tablespoonful of cinnamon with out the aid of water, which sounds pretty easy until you try it. These two chicks are all set to down some cinni, but one ends up with a mouth of cayenne pepper instead.