Zebras Escape From Circus, Wouldn’t You? [VIDEO]
I am not a fan of circuses and I will tell you why. I once went 'backstage' at a circus and was shocked to see elephants chained up and in my opinion 'drugged up'. That did not sit well with me, so I can totally see why an animal would want to escape - just like these two zebras …
Woman Finds Circus Tiger in the Bathroom [Video]
Usually when people go to the circus for the first time the things they'll remember the most are the trapeze artists, the clowns (both performing and in the stands), or the performances, not the tiger in the bathroom. But for one circus goer that is the memory that will stick with her forever.
Bug Circus Generates Electricity To Power Smart Phone
This video is kind of like the commercial where the 3 Guinea Pigs are rowing the boat to power the computer, but it's real.  It features a praying mantis on a unicycle and a beetle being launched from a cannon.  Hell Yeah for the internet.