College Basketball

Weekend Sports In Retrospect 4/2/12
Most dudes would love to be able to sit around and watch sports all weekend, but they have houses keep up, kids to keep alive, and women to keep happy. Lucky for me, I rent, practice birth control, and ignore my girlfriend. Check out my thoughts on what's going on in sports.
College Basketball Phenomenom Wild Bill [VIDEO]
The NCAA has been looking for a face when it comes to men's basketball.  There are a lot of good players to pick from, but they all lack charisma.  When it comes to star power, most of the NCAA would do well to take a lesson from Utah State's Wild Bill.  Check out what he&ap…
Jimmer Fredette Is FreReal [VIDEO]
If you watch college basketball, you've seen the national sensation out of BYU, Jimmer Fredette.  Dude had been lighting it up and is averaging over 30 points per game this season.  Check out his recent highlights and be a believer.