College Football

The Week In Sports Recap 6/2/12
It's July, which means we are in the sports doldrums.  The good news is that sports, much like herpes, never really go away.  Thoughts on Tiger Woods, Dwight Howard's bitch ass, and the deepening Penn State story.
The Week In Sports Recap 06/25/12
Now that the NBA Finals are over, America can finally turn back to it's favorite summertime past time,  waiting for football season to start.  Until we get there though, let's talk Tigers, Pistons and why the guilty verdict in the Jerry Sandusky case should just be the beginning.
Crazy Ass College Football Fan
College Football starts tomorrow night, and I'm pretty pumped about it.  But I'm not nearly as pumped as this UGA fan is.  Watch this kid go all Macho Man on a field reporter.
Suck It BCS
I just want to preface this letting you know I don't have a favorite college football team and the BCS is the reason.  Michigan State is currently being screwed by the system, just like countless other teams have been.