Comedians Give Pornstars Their Lines During Scene [VIDEO]
This is one of the funniest things you will see all day. These two comedians watch a taping of a porn scene and use microphones to talk to the actors. Everything they make up makes it into the scene. This will crack you up, but you probably don't want to watch this around the kids.
A Montage Of Comedians Taking On Hecklers [VIDEO]
Anyone that know me, knows I am huge stand-up comedy fan. Some of the best parts of comedy shows are when drunk aholes try to show up the comedian. It never works out for them and they always end up shamed. Check out this video of famous comedians doing just that.
Comic Uses Class To Take Down Racist Heckler [VIDEO]
Hecklers, if you're in comedy it's just part of the game. And most times, comedians can handle themselves pretty well. Then, there are other times where the heckler will get the best of the comedian. This is one of those videos. However, I think this comedian bounces back pretty well and w…