The Best Car Dealership Commercial Ever
When you're looking for a used car, you're looking for something reliable, affordable, and something sold to you from a Cuban gynecologist.  Yeah, that's right, a dude who used to fix vaginas in communist Cuba wants to sell you a car.
Low Budget Taxidermy Ad Will Make You Laugh
Low budget commercials are awesome and there are a lot of em out there. I recently stumbled upon this little gem. After watching this ad for Chuck Testa's Taxidermy you might ask yourself, is chuck a victim of his own business? This guy has no life in him at all and it's funny as hell. "NOPE, C…
Hail To The V – Epic Commercial
Holy crap this is awesome.  Just to make this a little more fun, I am not going to tell you what this is about.  To get your mind ready though...pretend you are in a movie theater watching the previews.  It draws you in and you want to see this movie.  Enjoy!
The Slobstopper…Bibs For Adults [VIDEO]
This a REAL product?! The Slobstopper, is an adult bib that you wear while driving or whatever, meant to keep sloppy spills off your clothes. I think this would work well for sex too...I'll let you figure that one out. This commercial is so effing funny!