Some of the Best Crowd Surfing Fails Ever [VIDEO]
I have been to hundreds of rock shows in my life.  One thing that I have never attempted to do is crowd surf.  Partially because I don't like the idea of a ton of people touching me, but the main reason is I can't trust that the people around me care if I make it or not.  Ch…
The Ultimate Bikini Fail Video Compilation
Chick failing while wearing bikinis.  What more could you ask for?  Some of these are just bad luck but most of them are just alcohol fueled.  I don't know what it is about that good ole liquid courage that really make you much dumber than you should be.  Enjoy!
Basketball Trick Shot Compilation 2011
I love this time of year because all of the top 10 lists and compilation videos start showing up.  This one isn't bad.  There are a couple shots that really aren't that impressive but the others are pretty damn good.  I'm not entirely sure where the hot dog and the bun …