Life Hacks: Creating a Computer Screen Only You Can See [VIDEO]
So, you're looking at something private on your computer, like an email from a loved one or an important legal document, but definitely "not porn", when you notice that someone is looking at your screen. Yeah, awkward,  trust me, we know that feel.  But now your…
Say Goodbye To Your Mouse and Keyboard [VIDEO]
Technology is awesome and moving extremely fast, as we see here with this computer that has no need for a mouse or keyboard. For the first time ever, you can control your computer in three dimensions with your hand and finger movement. The LEAP technology is 200 hundred times more accurate than anyt…
Old People Have No Idea How To Use Webcam
Old people think that self check out lines at the grocery store are magic, so it's no surprise that these old timers got a little confused when it came to their new computer.  Luckily, the webcam was rolling.