The Hacks of Life – Sneaking Into a Concert [VIDEO]
Everyone's favorite scamming douche bag on the internet is back. This time he is showing you how to sneak into a concert. Now most of this is pretty obvious, but some of it just shows his level of douche bagery. You've got that YouTube money now bro, support some bands already.
One Band Playing For One Super Fan [VIDEO]
No matter what, there is always one fan of every band.  It doesn't matter if you are the greatest in the world or suck worse than fallacy (Tony's band from 1992) always have one die hard.  This guy looks like Maggie Meadows at a Shaman's Harvest concert!
Five Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas Perfect for Her
When it comes to shopping for a woman on Valentine’s Day, the answer isn’t the usual “chocolate and flowers” route, but rather, something that feels personal and intimate. Here are some suggestions that will make everyone happier in the long run.
Taproot At The Machine Shop
What better way to celebrate the biggest bar night of the year than at the Machine Shop to see Taproot. Triple Aces opened things up, followed by Avenue Sky, then Given Six and followed by the madness that is Taproot. Find the photos of the show...

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