New Condoms Let You Brag Online About Using Them
You’ve probably heard of the social media check-in site Foursquare. All those “I’m the mayor of Burger King!” posts can be annoying, but there’s another site whose updates may be far more interesting — because it lets you report where and when you last had safe se…
Porn Made In LA Must Use Condoms
The NFL has recently changed it's rules to better protect it's players. And now porn is following suit. Recent laws have been put into place, outlawing penetration with out protection in professionally made pornography.
One Size Does Not Fit All, Custom Fit Condoms Now Available
I am guessing ego and pride will still make a guy buy the wrong size.  I can't see being in line at the pharmacy and hearing some random man ask for a size small condom.
But if you do want the perfect fit, a British company called They Fit is offering size ranging condoms and an online scal…
Lay Rubber with Pronto Applicator Condoms
Have you ever been in the heat of the moment and had trouble fumbling around trying to get your condom on? Don't fumble any more -- try the Pronto Applicator Condom -- this has got to be the craziest thing ever