Ohio Cop Refuses To Shoot Charging Murder Suspect [VIDEO]
The Ohio cop showed incredible restraint when a murder suspect was charging him in the street. The suspect allegedly murdered his fiance and was trying to commit "suicide by cop." He charged the officer yelling "shoot me, shoot me" and the officer refused. After a…
Officer Hits Man Shooting Gun With Cruiser [VIDEO]
This video is rocketing through the internet right now. I'm not trying to start a debate as to whether he was right or wrong. As Free Beer and Hot Wings pointed out this morning, there are a lot of circumstances that we don't know. We do know that the officer eliminated the threat to the p…
Officers Use Taser And Pepper Spray On 17-Year-Old Kid [VIDEO]
It's getting tough for cops out there these days. These officers pull over a couple of kids and things get a little crazy. As the argue over the smell of weed in the car, the kid in the back seat continues to say that they can't touch him until his mother is there. Finally, the cops use pe…
Terrible Cop Tasers Handcuffed Man Over And Over [VIDEO]
This is just messed up. This poor guy is in handcuffs on the ground and this cop repeatedly tasers him over and over. You can hear her tell him to get up and get in the car. I can't imagine it's that easy to do that when you're handcuffed and electrified every 5 seconds.
Man Tries To Outrun A Taser, Loses The Race [VIDEO]
Running from the cops never really works out, this isn't Grand Theft Auto. This guy decides to give it a try. Keep in mind, he could have easily outrun the cop but decided to plead with him instead. I can't believe the cop didn't let him go after "Come on cop, you can't …
Angry Couple On Train Assaults Police [VIDEO]
I don't care how tough you think you are but fighting a cop never ends well. I'm not sure how it all started but the couple was asked get off the train. The guy in yellow started running his mouth and eventually swings on the cop. Obviously he was arrested.

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