Cops Help Dude Light Two Pound Joint at Festival [VIDEO]
Over the last 12 months the voters in the state of Washington have been one of a few states to legalized marijuana. Which means that the same police officers that use to lock stoner's up now have to protect their right to roll a fatties whenever they want to.
Thick Plastic Stretched Across Road in West Michigan [VIDEO]
What police suspect to be a prank was luckily caught by another driver before it hurt anyone who ventured down Lincoln Road in Kent county. I have to say I am disturbed and irritated that anyone would think that this is funny. I am all about a good joke or prank. But this doesn't fall unde…
Ohio Man Motorboats and Air-Humps His Way Through a Sobriety Test [VIDEO]
I'm sure some of us have been pulled over or detained by the cops at some point in our lives for suspected drunk driving. If you haven't, that's awesome, I suggest you try your hardest to keep it that way. However, for those of us that have, you'll appreciate what this guy does during the field sobr…
Cops In Need Of Anger Management Caught On Tape
Check out this footage.  I completely understand how high strung an officer can be.  I have many friends that are cops and I can't imagine doing what they do.  Sometimes though, there are some that get out of hand.  Check it out here.
Indiana Man’s Dream of Running From Cops Came True
Here's one for the 'dumb criminal' file; an Indiana man -- Jared Johnson, 25-years-old from Center Township Ind. -- saw opportunity knocking and answered the door; it was the cops ready for a chase.
According to the Chicagoist; Jared Johnson was riding his bicycle through Rogers Lakewo…

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