Greatest Inmate Response In Court, Ever [VIDEO]
For throwback Thursday, I had to throw this one up again. During a court hearing, a prosecutor was reading a transcript which included quotes from the inmate. When she got to the line, "Girl, you're thicker than a bowl of oatmeal," this guy had the greatest response in court I…
Angry Inmate Cusses At Judge, Gets 364 In Jail [VIDEO]
This is why you should always keep your cool in court. This guy was so angry and pissed off he lashed out on the judge. Because of that he ended up getting his bond revoked and receive 364 in jail for contempt of court. A few weeks later though, he appeared before the same judge and apologized.
‘Kick Me’ Sign On Worker Becomes Criminal Case [VIDEO]
At one time or another I'm sure most of us have fell victim to the "Kick Me" sign prank. Most of the time this prank is usually done in fun and not usually meant to cause harm. But according to one person his co-worker pulled this prank on him to not only cause him physical ha…

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