Biker Has Nasty Crash After Foam Mat Flies Off Boat [VIDEO]
It's amazing to me just how terrible people are at packing things while traveling. I've seen too many people just use a bungee cord to hold things down. Even last year after my tubing trip, I stopped to help some friends retrieve items from the highway that fell out of their truck on the h…
Hoverboards Are Made For Standing, Not Sitting [VIDEO]
Leaving it to a blonde to try and find different things she can sit on. While playing with a hoverboard, this chick decides to ride a hoverboard by sitting on it. Once she gets going she slams into the wall and leaves a huge hole. If anything, this is good for a laugh or 20.
Whale Watching Boat Crashes Into Dock In San Diego [VIDEO]
I am always amazed at how dumb some people can be. It doesn't take a genius to see that the ship was coming in hot and wasn't slowing down. Finally, they realized and began scrambling out of the way. However, the old lady at the end didn't seem to care and was in no hurry.
Jet Ski Hits Drone In Mid-Air During Jump [VIDEO]
When you're flying your drone above jet skiers you wouldn't think this would be able to happen. When trying to get a little bit of air off of a wave, this jet skier got way more height than anyone thought. He couldn't hang on and the drone just happened to be right in his path. With t…
Idiot On Four Wheeler Crashes Head On Into Car [VIDEO]
Straight from the pages of survival of the fittest, we bring you this guy. While cruising down the roadway, this moron decides to show off a bit. After a quick wheelie for the camera, he lands it and then crashes straight into an oncoming car. Well done bro!
Skier Tumbles Down Alaskan Mountain And Survives [VIDEO]
It's crazy what people will go through for a thrill. This skier decided to tackle a big ass mountain in Alaska. Unfortunately, she lost control not long after she started her run. After that, she began to tumble like a rag doll down the side of the mountain. It's amazing she survived such …
School Kids Barely Escapes Getting Hit By Car [VIDEO]
This school kid may be the luckiest one on the planet. He is standing around waiting for something while leaning against the rails. He looks like he was getting bored and began to pace around a kick rocks. Just seconds later, a car slammed right into the rail where he was standing and the light pole…

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