Man Almost Crushed While Pumping Gas [VIDEO]
I would need a new pair of pants after this. This guys was just minding his own business pumping gas. A few seconds later, he heard some tires screeching on the road and looked over his shoulder. Luckily he took a step back and was able to avoid being crushed.
Distracted Cyclist Crashes Into Parked Car [VIDEO]
Always keep your eyes on the road. This cyclist was cruising along and not paying attention. Since he wasn't looking forward, he failed to notice the big car parked right in his path. Thankfully the car had a camera in it that was rolling. I'm amazed he didn't get hurt worse.
Idiot Crashes New Corvette While Showing Off [VIDEO]
How did this even happen? This guy is having his friends film him peeling out in his brand new Corvette. He gets about 200 feet and then flies off the road. What happened? All he was doing was driving in a straight line and somehow managed to screw it up.
Crazy Jet Ski Accident Lands On The Beach [VIDEO]
Imagine yourself on vacation just trying to snap a memorable picture and then this happens. This poor girl just wanted a picture when an out of control jet ski made an appearance. Luckily she had enough time to jump out of the way before the accident. That jet ski got some air!
Bird Crashes Through Airplane Window [VIDEO]
This is why I will never get in a small plane like this.  Watch as this bird crashes right into the cockpit and nearly takes out the pilot.  Despite being injured, he was still able to land the plane safely.  I declare open season on seagulls.
A-hole Dad Laughs as Son Crashes Into Tree [VIDEO]
This is pretty funny because I'm not this little kid's father, if this was my kid I would have been freaking out. This kid goes head on and face first into a tree and dad just can't stop laughing. He wasn't seriously hurt but come on dude.

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