Crazy Old Man Swims With His Polar Bear
You see these crazy bear people every now and then, then you hear about them getting eaten.  Check out this nut job and his pet polar bear, in a video that will get played at this guys funeral.
Crazy Girl Kisses And Dry Humps A Tree
Drugs are bad kids.  Whatever this girl is on, I want nothing to do with it.  Not only is she making out and humping the tree, it seems like she is also carrying on some sort of conversation with it.  She is also completely oblivious to what is going on around her and the crowd just g…
Dude Jumps Over Speeding Lamborghini
Even if I could jump over a car, I wouldn't do it.  This dude obviously has a set much larger than mine though, and he leaps a Lambo speeding at him.  I'm pretty sure I would poop my pants and get hit by a car.
The Many Tricks of a Badass [VIDEO]
Here's a video of some dude performing incredible daily tricks. I'm sure it took many tries to get each one of these right, but either way, it's pretty "badass". Just imagine how it cool it would be, if this was just a normal day.
Russian Kids Know How To Sled
Winter time means snow, and downhill sledding, I mean you can't go wrong with sitting on a piece of plastic, riding down a hill with no control. These Russian kids took sledding a whole step further!