Tow Truck Driver Arrested After Pocket Dialing 911[VIDEO]
File this in the only in Florida category. A man and his two passengers looked surprised when a deputy pulled them over and asked them why they were talking about selling drugs. What they didn't know is that the driver’s cell phone accidentally dialed 9-1-1 and dispatchers were …
Speeding Granny Caught Four Times In Three Hours
No room for stereotypes here about how slow grandpa and grandma drive, or at least not with this grandma. She was busted four times for speeding in less than three hours, oh and ummm, she had some weed on her too (You know, for her glaucoma)...
Mid-Michigan Police Investigate Cash for Gold Scam [VIDEO]
If you watch television, you're all to familiar with companies offering you serious money for your old gold or offering to sell you gold coins for pennies on the dollar.  A lot of the time the offers seem too good to be true, which is a good sign that you're dealing with a scam. …
Flint Man Shot In The Ass
Gun violence is no joke, but getting shot in the ass is pretty hilarious.  Check out the story of the ass with one too many holes.

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