Flint Fire Station Broken Into
Nothing that happens in Flint surprises me anymore, but robbing a fire station has to be a new low for the criminals in this city.  Check out the details on the fire house break in.
Flint Police to Launch Online Crime Reporting System
It's 2012 and while we don't have a robot police force like the movies of our youth promised, now we have a high tech way to help fight and report crime, the internet. Check out the details on the online system for reporting crime that Flint police hope to launch soon.
William Todd Crime Spree – 11 Felonies in 9 Hours
This was a pretty big story last week, you may have caught it on The Free Beer And Hot Wings Show. This dude is obviously totally insane or just really motivated. This news report does a great job explaining all that happened with a time line. However, I wish they would have gone into more detail as…
Punk Ass Kids Cause Chaos In Stores
Even when I was a teenager, I hated teenagers.   I'm not trying to sound like a bitter old man, but teenagers think that because they have high school figured out, the rest of the world is theirs to take.  I don't want to give these kids any more attention, but once you see …
Criminals Empty ATM In Less Than A Minute
I'm not saying it's okay to be a criminal, but if you're going to do it, do it right.  These three dudes have ATM robbing down to a science and you can watch their efficient life of crime here.
30-Foot Tall Beer Bottle Stolen From Festival In Florida
Most families require each guest to bring a dish to pass on Thanksgiving.  If anyone in your family brings a giant Bud Light bottle, police in Florida are asking you to give them a call.  Apparently some clown stole a 30 foot inflatable Bud Light bottle during a 3 day festival.
Teacher Arrested For Masturbating During Class
I guess this is what you call a real "hands on teacher".   An Illinois math teacher was literally caught masturbating in class by a student.  It is not likely he will beat the charges.
Paul A LaDuke (75)  allegedly put an apron on, pulled his pants down to his waist and went to town on hims…
Woman Ran Over By Getaway Truck After Stealing Beer
Well that wasn't supposed to happen!  Here comes another crazy story out of Florida.  A woman attempting to steal beer from a 7 Eleven was run over by her getaway vehicle. The Orlando Sentinel is reporting that the woman attempted to get inside the truck but fell instead and was hit b…

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