TN Teacher Charged With Statutorty Rape Against Students
I cannot believe how common these incidents are anymore.  Teachers having sex with students is appalling.  The latest case involves Tennessee teacher Cindy Clifton.  Clifton has been indicted on 53 counts, including statutory rape charges.  The victims range in age from 14 to 17 …
Threesome Gone Wrong, Man Attacks Wife & Other Woman
Well that wasn't supposed to happen.  Usually you would think one of the women involved in a threesome would freak out, not the man involved.  Not the case here.  According to Naples News Jorge Daniel Silva was arrested last Sunday for losing it during an attempted threesome.&nbs…
Woman Attempted To Cut Off Husbands Scrotum
I know guys squirm at even the thought of being kicked in the junk.  How about the thought of someone attempting to hack off your junk?  An Australian man is in stable condition after his wife did just that.  The incident is said to be caused by his alleged cheating.
Pissed Off Bank Customer Urinates In Bank Tube
The term "piss on it" is taking literally in this case. A man in Florida was so pissed at a bank teller and or the bank, that before he left the drive thru, he took a minute to urinate in the bank tube. Let's just say the next lady through was not to happy when she opened it…
83 Year Old Man Arrested for Prostitution
Senior sex, come and get it!  An elderly Iowa man was arrested this week for prostitution after offering to have sex with a 34 year old woman. Apparently the woman owed the old man money so he was willing to trade it out so to speak.
Daycare Bikini Burglar Busted
A man was caught on tape in an Indiana daycare wearing a pink bikini. Robert Brenneman appears on surveillance footage prancing around the Kidscape Learning Center in the tiny bathing suit.
Man Claims Prostitute Turned Into Donkey During Sex
I watch True Blood, so I know that shape shifting is totally real. However, I am not sure if I believe it in this case.  A man was recently caught in the act by police with a donkey.  Yep, we are talking donkey love.  Sunday Moyo, 28 of Zimbabwe claims he hired a prostitute and he is…
Woman Who Bit Boyfriends Testicles To Be Sentenced
Wow, how did I miss this story? This woman is not a ball breaker, she is a ball biter!  In February Maria Topp bit her boyfriends testicles so hard he needed 19 stitches in order to close the wound.  The victim, Martin Douglas was in such shock that an emergency service worker could barely understan…
Family Fight Involves Machete, PVC Pipes and Rake
This sounds kind of like a game of  "Clue", it was a crazy man, with the PVC pipe in the street.  Believe it or not, this is real life for one Oregon family.  Oregon Live is reporting that Sylvester Bridges is facing charges after an argument with multiple 17 year ol…

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