Dad Uses Sword To Get His Son To Do Chores
When I was a kid I always had chores. From washing dishes to vacuuming even lawn work, that is just how it was.  My sisters and I did it, no arguments. The only motivation we needed was just being told to do it. That is not the case for one 18 year old in California. The teens father allege…
81 Year Old Door to Door Breast Examiner Taking Plea
You have got to be kidding me?  Women actually fell for this? An 81 year old Florida man is accused of posing as a doctor and going door to door performing breast exams.  Phillip Winikoff is not an actual doctor, apparently he just plays one at an apartment complex.
Florida Man Arrested For 100th Time
This is nothing to be proud of.  Where do you celebrate your 100th arrest?  I guess behind bars, and I am sure there is no cake.  The only thing this clown will be "blowing out" is a fellow prisoner.
Cops Accused of Eating Suspects Pot Brownies
Three Houston, TX police officers are under investigation after allegedly eating evidence. The evidence in question, pot brownies. Destruction of evidence is a felony and the idea of them driving around under the influence of drugs is not sitting well with many, including the cat they arrested, 19 …
Minister Makes Woman Strip To Be Healed
There are times that you may be required to be naked, like going to the doctor or dentist office.  But it is not normal protocol to be nude when talking with a minister.  That usually just happens with a priest.  However, a Illinois minister is facing charges after telling a woman she…
Woman Beats Boyfriend For Not Having Sex
First things first, a man saying no to sex?  I did not believe this story until I saw the woman's picture.  Melissa Minarsich of Iowa attacked her boyfriend because he would not have sex with her. The incident was so heated, cops were involved. Her exact words to officers were, qu…
Kid Brings Mom’s Crack Pipe To Show And Tell
I don't really remember what I ever brought to show and tell, but I sure as hell know it was not a crack pipe.  A Missouri kindergarten student did however bring a crack pipe and meth to show his fellow classmates.
It is probably a safe bet that the kids had no idea what it was, but his tea…
Police Find Dead Cats in Mans Freezer
I have heard of back up pu**y, but this is ridiculous.  A New Jersey man is behind bars after police found close to 20 dead cats neatly wrapped in plastic in his freezer.  You should know, he does NOT live in a Chinese restaurant.
Man Exposes Himself to Praying Woman in Church
If this woman was praying for penis, her prayers were answered!  Leroy Jamison (29), is accused of exposing himself to a 64 year old woman who was praying in a Long Island Church.  Traditionally in a  catholic church you will hear the words "peace be with you", maybe…

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