Man Arrested For Eating Raw Meat At Walmart
You are probably not allowed to beat the meat at Walmart and heads up, you should not eat it inside the store either.  Scott T. Shover (53) of Pennsylvania was caught shoving raw beef stew and raw ground beef into his mouth right inside the store!
Detroit Man Steals One Million Dollar Check
First of all, who has a million dollar check laying around for someone to steal?  Dion Franklin of Detroit is accused of stealing a check in the amount of 955 thousand dollar tax refund out of a woman's mailbox.  Second of all who gets a refund check for that amount?  Holy sh**!
Truck Accident Leaves Free Pot All Over Road
It looked like it actually rained marijuana on a city street in San Jose, California.  Numerous bags of pot were scattered up and down an intersection, absolutely free for the taking!  Obviously it did not fall from the sky, the weed fell out of a truck that was involved in an accident.
Man Arrested For Screwing Blow Up Swim Raft
Apparently blow up dolls are out and swim rafts are the new "it" girl!  A man was recently arrested for public indecency when his neighbor witnessed him having sex with a pink swim raft.  Where did he put his penis?  In the blow up part...
Newlyweds Busted Stealing Food For Wedding Reception
What is the line in wedding vows?  Until death do us part?  How about until jail do us part?
A Pennsylvania couple spent some time in the slammer after allegedly attempting to steal $1000 worth of food for their wedding reception.  Sounds like it would of been one hell of a party if th…

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